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u no who is stupid

2008-04-09 19:54:04 by twosickminds


she is a dumb cunt. Nintendo fag who banned me from her profile because she is a dyke lesbian.

so is NikeNick

Nick is a gay name you should change if you're not too busy fucking men. WAIT!


2008-01-20 13:59:54 by twosickminds


A message from faggot Xavon

2007-12-21 22:56:30 by twosickminds

At 12/21/07 10:53 PM, Xavon wrote:
You're a fucking terrible user, go die newfag. Quality comes from posting, not sign up date, and you obviously suck dick at the former.

What am I, a faggot? I've been here longer than you, slut; and since your logic seems to be based on that, you are obviously the faggot here.

Can anyone see what a failure this guy is. And just to be nice let's not talk about his homoerotic name.