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y dunt u gais liek me?

2008-04-13 13:40:52 by twosickminds

srsly y? It hurtz meh feling?


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2008-04-13 14:07:51

You aren't nice to other people, so you don't have to expect people to be nice against you..


2008-04-13 15:56:28

You're nasty, you suck, and no one likes you.


2008-04-14 23:20:15

You're a little bitch ass n****r. Fuck you faggot. '05 piece of shit. Get at me, I'll fuck you up. Roll over to D-Block and see my hood, bitch ass n****r.


2008-07-07 23:50:56

well thego fuck you mom jokes arent very nice........................ahem.....