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2008-04-26 16:08:01 by twosickminds

hey guys im strength.

I'm a faggot who thinks it's hilarious to say n****r without thinking about the horrible tragic events these people went through lollolollololoolo I also wont get laid until im 67 and that will be by some hooker who turns out to be a man lolololol did i tell you I was gay?

I also think it's funny to about shit I can't do like get into a fight with someone or have sex woth a girl. by the way im gay lololoololololollolol

fuck you faggot you dirty cunt you shtting fuck go kill yourself because I don't like you and that means no one likes you.

fuck off.


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2008-04-26 17:03:15

bich fuk u get at me in mah hood ill git all my bois on u n fuk u up so bad u dont eevnen fukin no bich

twosickminds responds:

you're such a failure.


2008-07-07 23:49:24

n****r omg.............BOOM